SCU_Europe: The conference you should attend, if you work with System Center

System Center Universe Europe (#SCU_Europe) was between September 17th and 19th in Basel, Switzerland, this year. I attended the first time and was really impressed.
My last conference visit was at the MMS 2012 in Las Vegas. Ok, that had a different size, but the same approach – to bring System Center experts together, let them learn from each other and do networking.
And that was really well done in Basel.

The conference was planned from Itnetx, who did a great job, and sponsored from some other companies. There were 370 attendies – perhaps 10 of it were women – from 20 countries. One was from Australia!
The 35 speakers (plus vendor sessions) – Heike Ritter (Hallo Heike!) was the only woman – covered a lot different topics.
One of my main take aways is that the future automation engine will be SMA and that all Orchestrator designers/admins should focus on using the Run .Net Script activity instead of activities from integration packs.

There were 4 parallel tracks over 3 days, so a lot of information. Vendors presented at their booths and there was always an option to ask questions at the “Ask the Experts” area or schedule a side session about additional topics. But the best is always the networking part. You can meet the bloggers, MVPs and experts personally. That sometimes lets me feel like being a groupie. So use the time to get in contact with them and other users, that can be a very valuable knowledge source for you.
It was of a special value for me this year, because one of them passed his won price to me – an attendy pass for SCU Europe 2015 – so thanks again, Stefan!

But last but not least I want to mention the parties around that conferences. There were three this year (Speakers & Sponsors Party – where I had the luck to be able to attend, Networking Party and Closing Party).
They were all very well organized and we had a lot of fun – I only want to mention the White Russian – and it was surely hard for some of the speakers on the next day ;-).

We all injoyed the whole conference and I hope that I see a lot next year again.

You can see the pictures of the conference here:

The session videos and presentations will be available soon on Channel 9.

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