SCOM 2012: Daily Alert Owner Email Report

System Center Operations Manager has a nice way of handling alerts. You can assign an owner for an alert, who should be responsible to resolve it.
But how does the owner get notified, that he/she is assigned to this alert now? Ok, you can setup a subscription, but this would send out for example an email for each alert.
I would like to have one email by owner with all alerts listed, which are assigned to him/her on a daily basis.
I have created a PowerShell script for that, which can be scheduled through a task on a management server.


If you want to set the owner, then you can click on the change button.

SCOM connects to AD and adds the UPN (UserPrincipalName) of the given account to this field, i.e.

The script reads all open alerts with a critical or warning severity and an owner which contains “@” – some management packs already fill the owner field with additional information. So the “@” indicates that the owner field is set manually.

To be able to send out a report through email to the assigned owner, there must be an email address entered in the Mail field of the Active Directory user ID.

I use the get-qaduser cmdlet from the Quest ActiveRoles ADManagement Module to read the AD User object.

The email to the owner looks like this:


You can download the script here.

Thanks to Jason Rydstrand, I took parts of his SCOM2012Health-Check script to build my report email with a HTML table.

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