SCSM 2012 SP1: AD Connector is not synchronizing cross domain manager information

Everyone who uses System Center Service Manager 2012 SP1 in an enterprise environment (with more than one active directory domain) and uses multiple AD connectors to synchronize objects with SCSM could recognize this current bug.

Problem description

Imagine you have a user from domain A (User A) and a user from domain B (UserB).

UserA has the manager UserB. This is shown in the “Managed By” field in AD in UserA.

So the AD objects UserA and UserB are synchronized with SCSM through two different connectors (AD connector A and AD connector B).

The problem is, that the field “Manager” in SCSM for ther UserA is empty.

This forum entry also describes it:

Why do we need that?

Without the organizational links there is no way to offer service requests which query the organizational hierarchy (for example for password resets, group memberships, etc.) within the Service Manager forms.

Microsoft feedback

I asked an MVP from my contacts to get feedback from the Microsoft product group about this problem. The feedback he got was that this “feature” has been disabled in SP1. And that this synchronization could be achieved through a CSV connector.

What can we do?

At this stage I do not understand why a workaround needs to be created and the standard AD connector should not provide this anymore. That is the reason why I have added an improvement request to

If you agree that this functionality is important for a Service Manager 2012 SP1 installation in an enterprise environment, then I would ask you to login to and vote for this feedback to raise the importancy.

Perhaps we can get this “feature” back into the system.

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