Orchestrator 2012: Undo Runbook Checkout

I recently had an issue with a Runbook, that I checked out in th Runbook Designer. The problem was that I had to reboot the machine where the Runbook Designer was running on. The result was, that the Runbook Designer lost the current session and I could not see the Runbook anymore in the designer after the restart.

It was a really long Runbook and I didn’t wanted to recreate it. So how can I undo the checkout now without having the Runbook in the Runbook Designer?

I checked directly in the Orchestrator database.

     FROM [Orchestrator].[dbo].[POLICIES]
  where Name  = ‘Check server access’

Here is the result:

UniqueID Name CheckOutUser CheckOutTime CheckOutLocation
A6541640-14AD-4AE5-86F5-2C3416152E35 Check server access S-1-5-21-57989841-1960408961-725345543-2108 00:02.0 abcdefg

You can see that the fields ChechOutUser, CheckOutTime and CheckOutLocation have entries. CheckedIn Runbooks have the value NULL in these fields.

So I opened up the table with Edit mode and replaced the entries in the three CheckOut* fields with NULL.

Now I reloaded the Runbook Designer and my missing Runbook was there again.


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* 1974, female, working as a IT Senior System Analyst in a chemical company. Main topics: System Center Operations Manager 2012, System Center Orchestrator 2012, System Center Configuration Manager 2012. Monitoring servers since 2002, started with NetIQ Appmanager. Twitter: @NatasciaHeil

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