Orchestrator 2012 SP1: SCOM 2012 SP1 Integration Pack – Start Maintenance Mode Activity changed

After upgrading System Center Orchestrator from 2012 RTM to 2012 SP1 and also the System Center integration packs including System Center Operations Manager 2012 SP1 Integration Pack I realized that the monitor setting entry has changed.

I have a small runbook that shows this. The first activity only translates a netbios servername to a FQDN and the second activity sets the maintenance in SCOM.


The Start Maintenance Mode activity looked like this before the upgrade to SP1:


The Monitor entry had a format like this: Microsoft.Windows.Computer:ServernameFQDN to set the whole server into maintenance.

After upgrade to SP1 you get the following error.


So it does not find the monitor anymore.

Change the activity to this:


The monitor entry needs to have this format now:
ServernameFQDN : Microsoft.Windows.Computer:ServernameFQDN

Now it should run successful.

Updated MP – Sample Agent Maintenance Mode MP Version

A new version of my Sample Agent Maintenance Mode MP is available for download!


What is new?

  • Added “Sample Agent Maintenance Mode Class” to be able to also stop maintenance from the agent
  • Updated Maintenance Mode Splash screen to confirm shutdown/reboot and check for maintenance mode before initializing shutdown/reboot. Also added stop maintenance mode button.
  • Updated TriggerOM12MM.Instance.Event.vbs to also trigger stop maintenance mode

You can download it from here:


Special thanks to Thomas Peter from VAS Value Added Services GmbH who worked on this version of the package!

Here is the link to my old blog entry: https://systemcentertipps.wordpress.com/2012/08/02/sample-agent-maintenance-mode-2012-mp-8/

The files are provided “As Is” without any guarantee. Please implement in your test environment first and check functionality.