OpsMgr 2012: Powershell Cmdlet Get-MonitoringPropertyValue removed – but how to get these values now?

Some OpsManager 2007 cmdlets have been removed in OpsManager 2012. But what if you used those in your scripts?
You will need to replace them.

One example is the cmdlet get-monitoringpropertyvalue. Where you can read values OpsManager has stored in a property.

Here is a script that shows how this value can be read within SCOM 2012:

$computername = “servername.abc.de”
$class = get-scomclass -Displayname “Classname”
$agent = get-scomclassinstance -class $class | where {$_.Displayname -like $computername}
$prop = $agent.getmonitoringproperties() | where {$_.Displayname -like ‘Propertyname’}


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* 1974, female, working as a IT Senior System Analyst in a chemical company. Main topics: System Center Operations Manager 2012, System Center Orchestrator 2012, System Center Configuration Manager 2012. Monitoring servers since 2002, started with NetIQ Appmanager. Twitter: @NatasciaHeil

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