How to solve empty ENU display names of user roles in Operations Manager 2007 R2?

To upgrade Operations Manager 2007 R2 to version 2012 all user roles need to have display names in the ENU locale. Otherwise the upgrade fails.

The following blog describes how to find out if all user roles have the correct display names: For non default roles it is also possible to open up the user roles in a console which is installed on a machine with the ENU locale and simply change something in the description. This also creates the missing ENU display strings.

In our environment we had something strange.  A default role “Operations Manager Report Security Administrators” had no display name. How can I solve that, because I cannot delete the role?

Go to SQL server management studio and run the following command against the OpsManager DB:

select * from Localizedtext where LTValue like ‘%Operations Manager Report Security Administrators%’

The result only shows entries from the DEU languagecode. So update the entries with the following query:

update LocalizedText set LanguageCode = ‘ENU’ where LTStringId = ‘50585907-7858-4488-AB9C-13E0EAAC08BE’

Now the language code is set to ENU, which is supported and the upgrade should run without a problem.


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